Teenage Crushes 3

23 Mar

Louise’s made me afraid. Hawk made laughed so hard at the Tim Tin that I cried. How on earth do you follow these efforts at all?! Unclear. But I should start with a confession, I too fancied Tim Henman, I too cannot explain it.


Most of my later teenage crushes are ones I still stand by. This category of crushes is primarily dominated by skinny indie boys in tight jeans with asymmetrical floppy fringes. Here is a little collage, I would still happily date all these men, they now sit alongside my all too well known obsession with ‘nerdy’ looking rappers like Tinie Tempah, Ghostpoet, Childish Gambino and Dizzee Rascale.


But this statement doesn’t shock anyone who knows me. All such people know my barely hidden desire to be a hipster with a boyfriend who is either in a band or a rapper. So how do I compete? I considered posting  a list of my academic crushes. Whilst I was an undergrad I grew a list of academics who I had never even seen the faces of when I feel in love with them. I would read the great works of theory in archaeology and think, ‘Woah your brain is so sexy, so very sexy, I fancy the hat/glasses off your brain’. I never fancied them, I just fancied their brains. I wanted to hang out and have coffee with them and talk about their books. This probably tells you waaaaay too much about the effect of Cambridge on my mind. The problem with releasing this embarrassing list (which would be hugely amusing as we all know archaeologists aren’t the most attractive bunch) is that all of them are still alive, and I still for some unknown and wholly illogical reason hold out the belief that my career as an academic might work out. So I don’t want to find my PhD examiner, future article referees, interviewers for jobs, people on funding bodies etc. googling me and discovering  not only my burlesque dancing twin and this blog but also my massive intellectual crush on them, or worse that I don’t have a crush on them deeming their work to therefore be crap. So I must beat another path….


I never really liked any teen boy bands when I was young, I liked Indie boys as we have already discussed. I fancied Johnny Depp, but who didn’t (Louise you weirdo). I had a bit of a Johnny Wilkinson crush for a while (again who didn’t). But I tell you who I did fancy, who I still fancy a bit, and this is entirely inexplicable and completely messed up and almost certainly requires a psychiatrist – The Fox from Robin Hood. Yeah this one, yes him, the animated fox…


BUT WAIT! A quick browse around the internet looking for pics of my foxy heart throb suggests I am not at all alone in this…. Who else fancied this fox?!?

Time wasted from PhD: 20mins

Time spent wondering where the screen saver collage of Indie Boys I had aged 18 went: 20mins


2 Responses to “Teenage Crushes 3”

  1. Louise March 23, 2012 at 5:31 pm #

    Dude, your embarrassing cartoon crush is way better than mine!

    • Natalie March 23, 2012 at 7:22 pm #

      I didn’t fancy Robin Hood when I was a child, but I really, really, REALLY wanted Maid Marian’s flower ring!!!

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