Temperature control versus Hapless Hipsters

13 Feb

Sometimes it is hard to be cool.


Really hard if you are a PhD student. In between supervisions, chapters, readings, existential crises, feeling constantly guilty about not doing enough work and having no money it can be hard to find the time to be cool. I remember fickle days way-back-when I did not care about looking cool, I used to wear addidas popper trousers and a bright orange nike jumper. These times have thankfully passed. My Dad banned all these clothes and made me buy a pair of jeans.


As the years have worn on my looks have changed several times, I was a hippy for a while, I concentrated on not looking public school for several years when I went to that funny university down south, and about three years ago I discovered a passion for lycra and a return to my Indie Kid roots. I arrived to start my PhD lycra clad, allergic to trousers and looking like ‘all the colours exploded at once’. For an unknown reason my love of cool colours, like mustard, and my apparently ‘hipster’ nature have led me to a position of falsely gained hipster fashion blogging power. It is from this mighty throne that I write to you today about a recent fashion travesty I witnessed.


Now those that live with me, or have lived with me, can tell you I like to rock a pajama, oversized jumper and greasy hair look for sometimes days on end when I don’t leave the house, indeed once I was told I looked like a 90s cancer patient when I added a bandanna to this clothes combo. But the point is that I don’t leave the house in these clothes. Sometimes though it is necessary to travel places, in cold weather late at night and it becomes pressing that one considers temperature control. In just such a situation I recently witnessed a PhD student combine a long grey overcoat, like that of a Russian spy, with a knitted hat, a uni scarf and an oversized collar from a knitted jumper. This combination alone might have been pass-able just, as one of those, ‘it is late, i am tired, i am cold’ outifts, but then crime of crimes…. UGG BOOTS (the ultimate fashion mistake) were added to this outfit.

Never wear ugg boots

The message of this overly long and rambling post is thus: UGG BOOTS ARE ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, A MISTAKE. No matter what the weather.


Time wasted from PhD: 20mins.


2 Responses to “Temperature control versus Hapless Hipsters”

  1. Sophie February 13, 2012 at 1:10 pm #

    At the end of a long week, I traveled from 8.15 until half past midnight to reach a place which is usually 2 hrs away max. Of course I was going to wear uggs, I would have worn slippers and pjamas if I could, and taken a hot-water-bottle and a sleeping bag with me for the hour I spent in Doncaster station between 10.45 and 11.45, but the boots seemed marginally more socially acceptable. Only fashion victims with little or no self worth rate ‘cool’ above ‘warm’ at times like those.

    • Oxford Archaeological Pervert. February 20, 2012 at 12:20 pm #

      I think she looks hott.

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