PhSunday Lunch

6 Nov

I woke up late on Sunday morning a couple of weeks back, to find a missed call from Sophie. I rang her back, and, despite still being rather groggy, just about managed to work out that I was being invited round for Sunday lunch. Awesome! A little later (and a LOT more awake), I trundled round to Sophie’s, to find Bri, Mel and Katie also on the doorstep – a good crowd. Sophie came to the door, dressed in the most epic pinny of all time, invited us upstairs, and so our PhSunday began. Sophie plied us all with alcohol (mmmmmmm gin), then sat us down to a veritable feast of ham, bubble and squeak, red cabbage and apple sauce, and then chestnut meringue. What a domestic goddess! I’m afraid I was too busy stuffing my face, and too busy enjoying the awesome playlist written for the occasion, to take any photos…

After some rather civilsed tea/coffee (in LARGE quantities in the case of Mel and I…), someone came up with the bright idea of going for a walk, to wake us all up a bit. So we all piled into Katie’s car, for an impromptu roadtrip to Druridge Bay.

I couldn’t photograph Katie from where I was, without potentially killing us all. So I didn’t.

After roadtrip funtimes (and much singing), we got to the beach. Now, PhD students by their very nature spend a lot of their time indoors. Even the archaeologists, who dig throughout the summer, sit inside all day at this time of year. So when we hit the sand, there were many whoops, and much running, all the way down to the water.

Sophie was the first to remove her shoes, and went prancing around barefoot, like a little imp.

She was soon followed by the others – it just looked so much fun, that they had to go too. I value the warmth of my little toes too much, so stayed to look after the bags and shoes. Like their mother.

Soon Mel, Sophie, Bri and Katie were all splashing around. Too cold in October for paddling in the North Sea? Never!

PhfreeDom as a girl band

Bri in a jazz musical.

Mel being a star (maybe?)

Sophie looking glamorous – and being photobombed by Mel

Katie is happy about the beach

Yours truly is besnooded, mustardly

Quick photography break…


After plenty of sandy fun, we headed back up towards the car park – and the ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND. Oh yes. Thus began the intrepid attempts of Mel and Sophie to survive the children’s playpark. With limited success.

It all started so well!

Bri even turned into a surfer. Go Bri go!

Sophie decided to try the mysterious chainbridge. It started off well enough…

But disaster struck! Oh no! Sophie slipped! With catlike reflexes, Sophie managed not to hit the deck – just!

I am really not sure how she managed it. The mustard cardigan shows how close she was to coming away completely unscathed…

Mel cleverly had help in crossing the treacherous obstacle.


Before we all headed homewards, there was just time for a quick seesaw. Nice and relaxing!…and only slightly manic and dangerous.


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