28 Oct

As regular readers of the blog will know, the afternoon slump is something that has plagued our office for many a year now. It goes back to days beyond my own time here, perhaps even to a time before Sue. Todays afternoon slump got completely out of hand when we started to chat to the Hawk over skype before eventually going to Topshop. Now Mel was serious about trying on a beautiful dress which did indeed massively suit her and which we all enjoyed. I however have no money and therefore I did what I do best in Topshop – try on all the most ridiculous things that I can never ever afford. If I were to try on nice things I might actually buy them. This method saves money and increases hilarity. Louise tried on some smashing velvet slut dress, BriBri tried on her first ever mustard outfit (it made her look like she had an illness), Sophie and Mel were sensible.

I started off with this gem of a slut dress. It is backless and pretty special. The chances of my flashing people whilst wearing it are super high. But it would be perfect for the next Geordie Shore night out!


Following this first excursion we moved on to some beautiful sequinned hot pants selected by Louise I think. They are short, they are itchy, they are something I would never wear, But But BUT I have to say I was tempted by their hilariousness. Louise did suggest I could wear them to lunchtime seminars….. They are teamed with a super mustard shirt, which of course was somewhat lacking in slut, so they had to make it see-through


Time wasted on this slump: Well over 2 hours, probably actually 3 hours, but who cares I am going on holiday for a week tomorrow!

(Yeah that is right, expect some holiday fashion updates, I am thinking a tweed and bikini photoshoot fresh from a Lanzarote bathroom mirror! What academic wouldn’t want advice on how to combine tweed with bikinis for conferences in hot places?!?!?!)

Time wasted writing this post: 15mins.


One Response to “PhSlump”

  1. GB November 7, 2011 at 11:48 am #

    A closet Georgie Shore lass for sure! lol…

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