Louise’s Guide to Wasting Time on Youtube Part One: Air Crash Investigation

24 Oct

As many of you will know, I don’t do a lot of work. The bare minimum, if you will. Instead I spend much of my day on Youtube, becoming an expert in various things (see my first post). So I have decided to let you all benefit from my Guide to Wasting Time, for those moments when you just can’t be arsed to work.
Part One is one of my favourite ways to waste time: Air Crash Investigation (also known as Mayday).
Awesome ‘docutainment’ series featuring epic reconstruction movies. Every episode features the same format (hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!);

Beginning: Dramatisation showing the crash (THE BEST PART!!!!!)
Middle: The investigation (more reconstructions!)
End: The conclusion (Goddamn you pilots/mechanics/greedy airlines/fate delete as appropriate)

Once you’re familiar with the series you can play ‘spot the recurring reconstruction actor’.

Here are my top 5 Air Crash Investigation episodes (along with some special mentions):
5. “Panic Over the Pacific” An EPIC example of bad flight crew turned good
4. “Fight for your Life”: Fed EX cargo flight where flight crew are attacked with hammers and a spear gun! Proper mental
3. “Gimli Glider”: Maths, bleh!
2. “Ripped from the Cockpit”: EPIC RECONSTRUCTION! British Airways flight 5390 suffers a mid-air explosive decompression!
1. “Falling from the Sky”: BEST. EPISODE. EVER.

Special mentions:
“Helicopter Down”: Helicopters! In the North Sea!
“Attack Over Baghdad”: Best ever landing done with NO HYDRAULICS!
“Flying on Empty”: Longest ever glide of a fully loaded 747!

Time wasted on this post: 20 mins
Time wasted on Air Crash Investigation: 353 hours


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