Journey to the Centre of the Armstrong Volume I

24 Oct

Greetings adventurers!
After yesterday’s epic journey to find the Armstrong Boardroom, a mythical El Dorado if you will, intrepid explorers Noble and Tolson again trekked to this Shangri La on a quest to bring back photographic evidence. The reason for this is thus: After the re-modelling of the Armstrong the Boardroom is on our list of ‘acquisitions’. We therefore felt it our duty to bring a report forth, post haste!
We commenced a little after lunchtime, after a hearty meal of cake. First we ventured into the mapped, but inhospitable, corridors of Marine Science.  Thankfully, the lift was located at the very edge of this territory.

We travelled by lift to the 3rd floor, gathering a couple of extra explorers along the way, though they would leave us in search of more hospitable ground. We alighted in the Business School, a deserted wasteland with no sign of the native peoples. The central foyer was lit by a glass relic of a long-dead civilisation.

We pushed forward, aware that we could be being watched from beyond the shadows. There was but one way we could advance – down the dark corridor. A perfect place for an ambush…

Noble and I advanced warily, knowing full well the protection afforded us by our affiliation with Historical Studies would do us no good here. We were tantalisingly close to our goal, yet in the spirit of adventure stopped long enough to document this native site:

We had brought no provisions, so our sojourn was brief. We advanced further down the corridor in search of our prize. And here! A sign! A trap perhaps? For the sign pointed to an abandoned cupboard.

Yet faint sunlight lit the far corner of this dark hole. Warily we made our way into the darkness, towards the light…

Success! The cupboard was a mere ruse! Constructed long ago before the Business School had conquered this territory, destroying or scattering to the four corners of the campus that great civilisation of which this was a relic. We had reached the Octagon and would claim it as our own!

Our place high in the Octagon Tower afforded us unparalleled views of more civilised territory:

We could little aford to savour the view! The Octagon held more secrets to be uncovered! See here, an ancient technology, abandoned by that lost civilisation in their haste to flee Business:

This image in the name of science has been sent to our colleagues in London for analysis. Close by this artefact was a hidden door. Where it led, we would endeavour to discover!

Through this door was a dark expanse, full of artefacts. Alas, we had not the equipment to sortie into this cavern. We will return in time with provisions and equipment.

It was now time for us to depart the Octagon and start the long trek back to base where lunch awaited us. The descent was steady, and we took the long path down the stairs to avoid Marine Science as it was now lunchtime and the natives were well known for their cannibalistic tendancies. We made one slight detour from the path to record this doorway, high up an ancient stairway:

Alas, we had no way to venture beyond it. We made good time, arriving back at base to our colleagues rejoicing in our success: The flag of Historical Studies had been planted. We now owned the Octagon.


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