Dress Like Rachel Crellin Day!

20 Oct

News Flash: Today, all over the country, nay, the world, there has been an inexplicable outbreak of dressing in Mustard, Purple, Green, and blinding combinations of the above. This has been widely attributed to the ‘Dress Like Rachel Crellin Day’ craze that has been sweeping the nation. Individuals as far away as bristol have been spotted looking like secretaries when they’re students, wearing sunglasses inside, and yes, wearing only cardigans.

One avid fan blogs her outfit from her bedroom, a la Crellin

One unfortunate fashion victim when asked informed our interviewer ‘I don’t know what happened really, I woke up and just had this urge to wear all of the colours at once. The only things I had were this fuchsia jumper that I was going to team with a grey skirt from Marks and Spenser’s and some scholarly brogues, maybe some tweed, but I opened my draws and they were full of Mustard so I took it as a sign from the Gods and put it all on at once.”

Others found that all their tights had turned yellow over night, and rejoiced that they too, could have legs like Lisa Simpson. Overheard in the PhD room this very morning the comment: “I think these tights are growing on me. No, actually growing on me. Like Mustard Mould”.

Dear reader, even I, your faithful correspondent, found myself inexorably drawn to absurd yet joyful combinations of secretarial joy, and Blondie sunglasses. I think I look smashing.

Happy Birthday Rachel.

(time wasted from my PhD writing this blog post and not-coordinating my clothes, well over an hour.)

This News Just In! Dressing like Rachel Crellin has spread to Canada!  It’s pandemic, call the mustard police.


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