8 Oct

I have never blogged before – I am not even sure if I am writing in the correct text box right now – but I thought I would give it a whirl and see if my whimsy could be transmitted via this new-fangled device!

I am in Spain on research – pretty nifty, huh? Which means three glorious weeks of sun, sangria, paella, and of course, libraries!

I am just happy as a clam, but, if I’m completely honest, there are a few things that, having been gone for about 10 days, I am starting to miss about my little PhD world in my little PhD office. I know, I know, I shouldn’t be getting all nostalgic after ten days, but when you spend a good 75% of your time somewhere, its bound to happen.

So here we are, my “Top Five Strange Things that I Miss from the PhD Office”

5) Having people around to explain how to do things (very slowly) – Whether it be how to navigate HaSS and Blackboard (thank you, Fiona) or how to makes copies to disk (gracias, Sophie!), or simply to check my emails over for idiocies before I send them (Mel, you’re a saint!) in the PhD room there is always someone to help you out and make sure that you don’t make a fool of yourself – an event that was bound to happen, and has, on many occasions during my adventure.
4) My little statue of Hippocrates – he keeps me in check and judges me when I’m not working. I just hope someone is remembering to sacrifice to him, lest strange happenings begin to happen around the Armstrong Building. (He likes chocolate!)

He must be taken very seriously.

3) Tea – As a proper, red-blooded, steak eating, football watchin’ (yes, the kind with helmets), country music listenin’, midwestern American, I never thought I would be converted to tea. Unless it was iced and served with a lemon. But, alas, I find myself yearning for a nice cuppa in easy grasp.
2) Wi-Fi! Yes, both the institutions I have been working at are sans wireless. I shall never, ever, ever complain about the internet in the PhD room being crappy again – because crappy wi-fi is better than no wi-fi (and I think that pledge will last about, oh, I’d say five days upon my return – how very spoiled I am!)

And the number one thing I miss from the Armstrong PhD is…

…that afternoon lull we all get that is accompanied by random chat, giggle, and often, biscuits! Though these breakdowns have had less regularity since the departure of our dear Miss Hawkes – I still look forward to that point in the afternoon where we just can’t. work. any. more. and take about 20 minutes to re-coop. None of that here – and even if there was, it would lack some its luster due to my lousy Spanglish!

So there you have it ladies and gents – my top 5 things I miss from the PhD room. Don’t get me wrong, I am having a wonderful time and getting all sorts of useful information – Perhaps we should just move the Armstrong Building here?

Tune in again soon and, assuming this post isn’t a total disaster, I many bring you my top 5 things to do in Barcelona and/or Valencia.

¡Hasta luego!

Oh, and I spent 20 minutes on this post and another 15 trying to get a picture uploaded – technology, why do you hate me?


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