PhfreeDom on Spotify!

7 Oct

In this modern world, apparently we all have to use social networking. This has recently expanded to Spotify now, with every track I play being displayed for the world (or at least the teeny proportion of it that I happen to have on Facebook) to see.

In recognition of this, I’ve created a PhfreeDom Spotify playlist. You can listen to it here: PhfreeDom

The tracks have been chosen either because they strongly remind me of someone, or because they amused me. Apologies for the latter. They are ordered geographically, moving around the office…

1. Stephen – David Ford.

We begin by the door, of course. Mel came with me to see David Ford a few weeks back – what an AWESOME gig. This song is particularly apt, because it’s about Northern Ireland. And so is Mel.

2. Chicago – Sufjan Stevens.

Mel went to see Sufjan Stevens some months ago, and was on some kind of high for weeks afterwards. Clearly better than drugs.

3. Missouri – David Ford.

I make no apologies for the repetition of DF on this playlist – there should always be more Ford. Always.

4. The Backing Up Song – The Gregory Brothers.

I’m backin’ up, backin’up, backin’ up baaaaaackin’ up. This song was stuck in my head ALL SUMMER, sine the builders chose to reverse on a daily basis.

5. Bed Intruder Song – The Gregory Brothers.

Another repeat. Sloppy playlisting I am afraid. The song that started the autotune fascination…

6. Nymphetamine Fix – Cradle of Filth.

I tried to spell that approximately 14.7 times already, it’s probably still wrong. Tolson once deliberately threw herself down some stairs, so that she could go to a CoF gig. Now THAT’s commitment. (Apparently they weren’t worth it.)

7. Squashed Ni**a – S.mouse.

Another one for Tolson. What a beautiful, moving tribute to a life cut tragically short.

8. Isle of Man – George Formby.

Got to love a bit of Formby. There is going to be a PhDinnerparty at mine tonight, I might well bring out the ukulele. And the other one. And the banjolele. Slight apology for the fact that I blatantly just searched for “Isle of Man” on Spotify.

9. To Cashen Carry – King Chiaullee.

A slightly better Manx tune…

10. Too Much Mustard – Uri Caine Orchestra.

Harsh? Perhaps. After all, can there ever be enough mustard?

11. Home Newcastle – Busker.

We’ve got round as far as me. Not sure what to put for myself, so I went with the Newcastle connection. Excellent lyrics on display here. “It’s cold up there in summer, it’s like sitting inside a fridge. But I wish I was on the Quayside, looking at the old Tyne Bridge.” Quality.

12. Come Back – Pearl Jam.

We’ve got to the stage in the playlist where we must mourn our absest correspondent, The Hawk. Alas. The 3pm slump is not the same without the Empress of Whimsy herself.

13. Slap My Elbow – S.mouse.

Another S’mouse delight for your ears.

Aaaand that’s it for now.

Time wasted on this post: 35 mins. Ouch.




One Response to “PhfreeDom on Spotify!”

  1. phfreedom October 9, 2011 at 11:15 am #

    It is a long, long way from Missouri!

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