Film time!

7 Oct

A little while ago, The Hawk introduced a particularly fantastic film to the inhabitants of the office. This film is truly stunning, with impeccable acting, an award-winning script, and a plot that makes complete sense. Honest. This film is The Room, and you can (and indeed should) watch the trailer.

1:24 in is surely one of the finest cinematic moments of all time.

Well, while procrastinating this afternoon, I found myself On Wikipedia. This has never happened before.While there, I made a discovery.

Juliette Danielle, aka. Lisa of “You are tearing me apart Lisa” fame, has made another film. So I hopped over to Youtube and, in doing so, found another cinematic triumph. Feast your eyes on Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws.

From wiki: “The plot concerns the mayor of Auckland and an “expert ghost shark hunter” as they fight to save the city from a supernatural beast known as Ghost Shark. Despite being labelled “Ghost Shark 2″, there currently exists no first installment in the series, and the decision to make it a sequel was made for narrative reasons.”

Films are a quite important part of daily life in the PhD room; Louise’s Awesome Movie List graces my desk as I type these very words. I hope that Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws becomes part of our repertoire.


“I don’t believe in Ghost Shark. Sharks, maybe. Ghosts, definitely. But never the twain shall meet.”

Time wasted writing this post: 15 mins.


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