5 Oct

Doing a PhD can be stressful, and tiring, and generally rubbish. Luckily, one of its saving graces is that you learn transferrable skills. No, I have no turned into a HaSSbot. I am talking about the ability to make a kick-ass cup of TEA.A postgrad's lifeline

Drinking tea in copious amounts seems to be the key survival method employed by postgrads, and, especially when coupled with a biscuit, also the most delicious. We can’t afford alcohol, we can’t afford  chocolates, we can’t afford holidays, but we can afford a morning cuppa. Or three. And an afternoon cuppa. Or four. I think this week I am averaging 5-6 cups per day.

Gone are the tears of frustration over a non-working microscope, a lack of source material, or certain (nameless) department members, replaced by comfort and bonding. Even the slightly mysterious build-up at the bottom of the mug has come to symbolise a short break from the drudgery.

So I may not be able to get a job, or ever be able to afford to eat, or have any savings left, but at least I can say that, whatever happens, I spent years of my life devoted to my PhTea.

Time wasted writing this blog post: 15 mins.


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